Our Team

col•lab o•ra tiv

adj.– accomplished through working with others for a common purpose or benefit; "a cooperative effort."

Our collaboration takes many forms.

We meet as a team twice weekly to discuss student profiles, developments in the field of learning differences, and offerings at colleges and universities.

We travel frequently, meeting with admissions officers, touring campuses, and talking to students. We also investigate college supports such as tutoring, writing centers, academic coaching, counseling, and disability services.  Thoroughly evaluating the learning support enables us to give the most up-to-date advice to our families and students.  We capture that information in a unique proprietary database that benefits our students.

We collaborate with respected professionals across the country to build a college readiness team around students.  We help find the right coach for students with organizational and time-management challenges, locate psychologists who will work well with students for neuropsychological testing, recommend test prep professionals for the SAT or ACT, and pair writing coaches with students who struggle with written expression.  We never receive fees from our referrals.

We listen carefully to our families and collaborate throughout this highly-individualized process.  Our work together guides the right-fit college for each student.

Our Team

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Kyle Kane

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