From the parents’ perspective, we take the angst and worry off their shoulders so that they can focus on the bigger picture and enjoy the high school years with their student. We guide students to colleges that will provide the academic challenge and the learning support they need to be successful. We focus on all aspects of the process from planning, to preparation, and finally to placement at the right fit college.

We are a collaborative and our clients benefit from our team approach. As colleagues, we meet regularly, travel to campuses frequently, and work with other professionals.

We offer much more than a college list, focusing holistically on the student to foster college readiness. We meet students where they are with an open mind, expecting the unexpected, and attuned to the subtleties of learning differences. Our impact is in our expertise.

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Yes, we deliberately choose to work only with students with learning differences—our favorite group. We have a deep and current understanding of the nature of disabilities that affects student learning. Many of our students struggle with ADHD and executive functioning, as well as specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. We also work with students with nonverbal learning and autism spectrum disorders. We sometimes suggest a transition plan which may include a post-graduate, gap year, or other specialized programs that would allow students time and experience to become college ready.

Everywhere! We have offices in the DC Metro Area, Greater Boston Area, San Francisco Bay Area, and Charleston, SC. We work virtually with students nationally and internationally.

We offer packages as well as hourly services.

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