Welcome to the College Consulting Collaborative

We believe every student with learning differences deserves the highest quality assistance to become college-ready and find the best fit college.  We use a strengths-based approach to help students become self-aware and master the essential skills for success in college.


We specialize in college bound students who have learning differences such as ADHD, executive dysfunction, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, and other specific learning disabilities.

College Planning

What are colleges looking for?

Grades or rigor? Test scores? Extracurriculars? Essays? Thoughtful and informed college
planning for students with learning differences is critically important. We help students plan their high school careers and understand their individual learning profiles. With expert guidance, our students with learning differences become strong candidates for admissions and enter college with the academic and independence skills they need to be successful.

College Preparation

What are the essential skills for college?

College is not simply an extension of high school; many more advanced and diverse skills are required. We help students realistically evaluate their strengths and capabilities focusing on academic skills, executive functioning, independence, motivation, resilience, social competence, and self-advocacy. We encourage our students to use high school as a dress rehearsal for college, to improve the essential skills for college success.

College Placement

How do you find the right fit college?

With thousands of colleges available, there is a right fit for everyone. We consider students’ needs and preferences, not just the college name or marketing materials. We research and visit campuses to determine the academic, social and learning support offered. Students become engaged when they have the tools they need to find a college where they will be successful and happy.